A message from Anonymous
What can you say about clients backing out because oh how much you charge?

I understand them. After all, we all have budget limitations. But as much as possible I encourage them to be upfront with their budget and discuss how I can work around it. :)

A message from bernadora
Hi! How do you maintain your curls and not looking frizzy? it looks shiny pa. Thanks!

Hey! :) My curls looked dry and frizzy before so I went to Bench Fix Greenbelt. The stylist gave me a haircut to give it shape, recommended an after-shower serum and a simple technique to air-dry your curls.

  1. Shampoo your hair and don’t forget to put conditioner.
  2. Dry your hair with a towel.
  3. Apply 3 pumps of Loreal Professionnel ABSOLUTE REPAIR CELLULAR serum on your hair. Loosely comb your hair using your fingers. 
  4. Using your hands, part your locks and twist them. Air-dry. Keep twisting them from time to time. Like this <click link>

Thanks! Hope I helped!:D

A message from notyeraveragenerd
Hi. Just wanted to ask if the Heisenberg shirts are still available? I only recently started watching Breaking Bad, and yeah, it's awesome :D

Hi! Yes, the Heisenberg shirt is still available. :)

A message from Anonymous
Hi po! First of all, fan na fan po ako nung mga artworks niyo. I'm saying that with pure sincerity and hindi ka-echosan. I was in tears when I saw your "Mag-ina sa Hardin" painting. Reminded me so much of my years with my mother. :) Here come the question! Our teacher asked us to name at least one Advertising Agency for our tour in Manila and I chose TBWA. I would like to ask if does TBWA accept a group to have a talk (i.e.: what the world of advertising is really like) in your company. (1/2)

Hi! Thank you so much. This message is very very very sweet. :) “Mag-ina Sa Hardin” is one of my favorite artworks of mine. :) 

For the tour in TBWA, I think we can do that. But to be safe, please email me at contact@cjdesilva.com so I can refer you to the person who can arrange this. ;)

Thank you!

A message from Anonymous
Hello po! Meron po kasi sakin nagpapagawa ng caricatures. Sinunod ko po yung per square inch. Napagdesisyunan ko po na 13 pesos persquare inch po ako. Kaso po nahihiya ako sa pag presyo ng caricature kasi yung nakita ko po sa mall eh mga 300-400 lang po yung di kalakihan. Though watercolor po yung ginagamit ko, at color pencils naman yung sa mall, sobrang laki parin po ng difference. May masusuggest po ba kayo sa situation na to? Thank you!!!!

Mura na kaya ang P13/square inch. At watercolor + pencils pa. :) Technically, hindi naman labor mo lang ang dapat mong i-factor in, kasama dapat sa presyo mo ang pagka-artist mo at ang idea mo sa paggawa nung art. :) Wag ka mahiya sa presyo mo! Pero siguro, sabihin mo, negotiable naman yung presyo. Tapos makipagtawaran ka sa price na tingin mong okay ka. :)

A message from Anonymous
Hello po, gumagamit po ba kayo ng waterbrush? Ano pong brand? maganda po bang gumamit ng waterbrush? Thanks :)

Hi! Naku, hindi eh. Hindi ko pa nasusubukan. :) Preferred ko ang normal brush + water in a bucket. :D

A message from Anonymous
Kung maglalabas ka ng cover ng Just What I Needed, kahit a capella, magiging mas maaya ang mundong ibabaw. Smiley

Hi! Ang sweet mo naman! :) Susubukan ko. Pero papa-backup ako kay Wincy, para di nakakahiya. :)

A message from Anonymous
Hi! Do you know where i can get faber castell polychromos? Meron kaya sa national bookstore? Thank you! :)

Hi! Naku, I’m not too sure. I just use the regular Faber Castell coloured pencils. But you can always check out National Bookstore or St. Patrick’s (art shop near Waltermart Makati)

Here’s Faber Castell PH’s Facebook, maybe you could send them an inquiry.

A message from Anonymous
Hi! Can I use your drawing of Walter White as a reference of what I'll draw for my plate? I know I can just the actual picture of him,but it's still different when it's an illustration for reference.

Hi! How are you going to use it?:D

A message from Anonymous
hi cj! can you recommend a good printing company (for artwork reproduction) in manila? thank youuuuu :)

Hi! I’v been working with Dexact Photo & Graphics Services for quite some time now and I’m very happy. :)

For silkscreen printing, G28 Printing is also very good. :)